Zane Roberts

East Side Story (Q Artistry's next QKID production opening on May 10th) features 12 young actors individually matched with 12 professional Indy actors in a mentoring style production process for a one act musical about friendship and discord on the east side of Indianapolis. The adult actors were asked to present the kid they're mentoring with 9 questions as part of our 9 QUESTIONS series and this is what happened:



9 Questions with Zane Roberts,

asked by Maria Meschi.

Maria Meschi

1) How long have you been doing theatre?

I have been doing theatre since fourth grade.


2) What's your favorite thing about it?
Oooooohh. Tough one. I just absolutely love the overall sense of community. Theatre atmospheres are wonderful ones. Plus, theatre is
one of the places I first started making friends, so it does have
sentimentality attached.


3) If you were going to dance-fight with someone, what song
would you choose?

Goodness. So many songs. Not eye of the tiger. I will say that. Ah. These boots were made for walking. That song...


4) What fictional character is the most like you, and why?

Is this classical? If so, then the mad hatter.


5) What are you most excited about as we prepare

"East Side Story"?

Just being in the show. Not everyone gets a chance to do this.


6) What's it like being so tall? Please describe in detail for those of us who are very short.

Well, why don't you sit down. This could be a while. For starters, eye levels are difficult to maintain. Naturally a human wants to look straight ahead. Of course, this leads to me being unable to see anything below waist height. I've crashed into many people many times. Then we have the arms and legs, which are extremely long and at times utterly useless. Having this long armspan has resulted in me nearly clothesline a person. Not very fun. In the top side, reaching things is always easy, but then people ask it of you.  A lot. Then there are stereotypes, like being able to play basketball. I cannot play it to save my life. But other than that, it's like being short. 


7) What's your favorite flavor?

Is there supposed to be a food attached? Otherwise, watermelon.


8) If you had to watch only one movie for the next 2 years (like every time you want to be entertained, you have to watch this movie - no TV, no live performances), what movie would you choose?

And would you want Q Artistry to make a musical parody of it?

Is this a question? Really? But, I suppose it deserves an answer. Newsies. An as long as it's done properly.


9) Who do you think would win in a real life battle between the Youfs and Tallz in our cast?

Tallz. Hands down. We may be quick and resourceful, but the Tallz would give us a run for our allowance in the end. If we had one.