Cabaret Poe Daytime School Shows

at the Phoenix Theatre, Downtown Indianapolis

Q & A Session with the Cast

Fall Opportunity


This Fall from October 9 through November 2, weekday shows will be set aside exclusively for school field trips. Q Artistry invites you to take advantage of this opportunity to watch, learn and enjoy this amazing production with your students. Thousands of students from all over the state have already attended this unique theater experience in the past few years.

For more information about our school shows contact 
Lori Ralston at • 317.373.1898



“Cabaret Poe is a great blend of humor and dread, wit and macabrity.  [I know that’s not a real word, but I want to start a trend.]  My students read many of the poems and short stories that were in the production before seeing the show, and the adaptations were different in ways that spawned great discussion while remaining true to the spirit of the original story or poem.  The stories and poems they didn’t read were easily understood through their interpretations on an atypical stage that most of the students were not used to watching shows on.  The production not only played on the gruesomeness and humor that many of my students liked about Poe, but it also opened up live theater in a way that many of them had never experienced.  By breaking down the fourth wall, it proved intimate, engaging, and an experience that all of them said they’d want to do again.  The sincere Q&A at the end helped teach parts and processes about theater that I can’t teach in an English class.”      

— Ethan Kuhn, Southport Senior High School


One thing my students said was, "I didn't want to leave!"  As a teacher, I felt like it was one of the most entertaining performances I have ever attended!  It was very literary, too, addressing accurately many of Poe's works.  

 — Mardena Detamore, English 11 Teacher


My students were so engaged. They asked to stay and come back for other performances and asked if we would do this again next year. It was very cool to see them truly "get" Poe's literature and feel all of the emotions and suspense that he intended.

 —  Dana Hilgert, English 11 Teacher


Cabaret Poe gave our students an up close theatre experience that brought Poe's works to life! Everything  - The front office, actors, musicians, makeup, sets, special effects, music, and post show Q and A-  were all astoundingly professional and entertaining.  Their representation of Poe's literature was much more exciting than any instruction I could ever provide in the classroom.  
— Hope Showley, American Studies English Teacher,  High School


Cabaret Poe is a new & innovative way to experience the short stories of Poe. The music perfectly complements Edgar's eerietone. This is a must see!  

— Amy Bertram, JR/SR High Principal