Saffron Shore

East Side Story (Q Artistry's next QKID production opening on May 10th) features 12 young actors individually matched with 12 professional Indy actors in a mentoring style production process for a one act musical about friendship and discord on the east side of Indianapolis. The adult actors were asked to present the kid they're mentoring with 9 questions as part of our 9 QUESTIONS series and this is what happened:




9 Questions with

Saffron Shore,

asked by Tiffanie Bridges.

Tiffanie Bridges

1) What is your favorite color and why?

My favorite colors are gray and sliver. I like these colors because i just like the contrast between them.


2. What reminds you of your favorite color?

My favorite colors remind me of my friends really.


3) What has been your favorite moment onstage?

My favorite overall moment is probably when I played my first main role at the age of eight in A Thousand Cranes. In Eastside it has to be the Halloween festival scene.


4) If you could choose, would you be the older or younger sibling? Or would you have siblings at all?

If i could choose I would have siblings because having a sibling just seems to give me a chance of doing more things. But I would still be the older sibling.


5) What is your favorite artsy thing to do and why?

My favorite artsy thing to do in the end is photography (at the moment.) I just like the thought of putting something so large into something so small that you can have forever.


6) Do you plan to pursue theater into adulthood?  Why or why not?

I hope to pursue at least some theater in adulthood. It's one of my all times favorite things to do and I don't want to stop pursuing acting at any point.


7) Have you thought about adulthood much or is it too overwhelming?

Now that I have been taking classes about home ed. things and how to pay bills and such, yeah I think about it every once a while but I rather be focused on what I am doing now.


8) Describe yourself in a haiku.

I can't really write a haiku so I am gonna break the Haiku rules a bit.

Brown hair and brown eyes.  Trying to live in the moment.

And never letting down.


9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If I could live anywhere right now it would probably be Haight Ashbury in San Francisco because it was one of my absolute favorite places to go visit because I spent my time there with some of my favorite friends.