Morgan Roof

East Side Story (Q Artistry's next QKID production opening on May 10th) features 12 young actors individually matched with 12 professional Indy actors in a mentoring style production process for a one act musical about friendship and discord on the east side of Indianapolis. The adult actors were asked to present the kid they're mentoring with 9 questions as part of our 9 QUESTIONS series and this is what happened:




9 Questions with

Morgan Roof,

asked by Abbie Wright.

Abbie Wright

1) Okay, we have to start with what may be universally regarded as

the worst interview question of all time. If you could be any type of tree,
what tree would you be?

If i could be any type of tree i would want to be a palm tree. I think palm trees are really cool looking.


2. We do some pretty silly things in this show. What is the silliest thing that you have ever done on stage?

The silliest thing I have done on stage is when i was the hen in jack and the beanstalk and I had to lay an egg.


3) There are some pretty awesome things that happen on the East Side of Indianapolis.  What is your favorite thing to do anywhere in this city?

I have many things i like to do in this city but what i really love is running on the Monon trail in broad ripple.


4) You have played some pretty varied roles in theatre all over town from Theatre on the Square to Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre.  Which is your proudest moment on stage?

My proudest moment on stage was when i played christina crawford in Dearest, the mommie musical at theater on the square. I was singing one of my songs and i had to belt a really high note and the audience clapped after i did it and the song wasn't even finished yet!


5) In West Side Story, the Sharks argue about whether Puerto Rico or America is better.  In our show the Tallz argue about the superiority of a different location.  If our cast were to argue over something in song, what do you think we would argue about?

I think our cast were argue if we should have meat and gluten in our pizza or not( because some of our cast are vegan).


6) If you could play any role from film, television or literature, what would it be? 

If i could play any role i would really want to play Elphaba in wicked.


7) As someone who is old, I can vouch that being a grown up can be tough.  What are you most excited about doing once you are older?

I am really excited to be an adult because i will get to play adult roles.


8) Do you have any non-theatre related hobbies?

I really love running. I recently ran a mini marathon and finished in less
then 2 and 25 minutes.


9) If you invented a type of cookie, what would you call it?

If i had my own cookie i would name it morganlisious.