Kat Robinson

Q Kwestions with Kat

Local writer and Q Artistry playwright alum Jordan Lyons asked WHITE CITY MURDER costumer Kat Robinson about everything... then we narrowed it down to these few need-to-know blurbs... enjoy.


1. How long can a person dunk an Oreo in milk before it becomes dangerous for the Oreo?

Since everything in the world wants to eat an Oreo, I would think it becomes dangerous to the Oreo as soon as the package is opened. I am 100% predator when it comes to Oreos


2. When you first heard the name H H Holmes, what did you think the
H H stood for?

Henry Howard. … silly, but I can’t remember *not* knowing about him since he’s a part of Indpls history.


3. You have been contributing to Q for a while now. How many productions have you been involved in?

My first ever production with Q was the first year for Zirkus Grimm back in July 2013. <counts on fingers and toes….> Since then I’ve been involved in about 18 productions.


4. You yourself are not onstage, but your costumes are, so your work is as visible as anything else in a show. Do you have a favorite costume piece you've worked on?

Wow…that’s a tough one because I go through a mini love affair with every costume I design. I would say that the entire Donner Party Opera project has been my favorite from a concept to reality viewpoint. The costuming for Zirkus will forever be first in my heart though. (The current production White City Murder is too close yet for me to step back and see that costuming objectively.) Every production presents unique challenges so it really is hard to pick a favorite!


5. Your work involves a lot of sewing, stitching, stapling, pinning, etc. Have you ever suffered a horrific costuming-related injury?

Nope, nothing horrific. <knocks on wood> ….so far.


6. Holmes built a hotel with secret passages and tunnels and peep holes and torture chambers. If someone told you that you could build anything you wanted, what would it be?

If I could build anything I wanted I’d build a giant tree house like the Swiss Family Robinson had.


7. Outside of Q Artistry, where are people most likely to find you?

What? Outside of Q Artistry? Few can find me because I pretty much power down and go into a fugue state inside of a closet … okay, wait, that’s complete rubbish. I spend my other free time working and showing my own fiber art under Dreadful Ewe Designs.


8. Skittles or M&Ms?

Sorry – neither. I’m always gonna go for the red twizzlers!