Q Board Members:

Lori Steuer,  President

Annie Roof, Vice President

Susan deMaine, Secretary

Josh Roof, Treasurer

Regina Eddington, Artist Liason

Joe Ramos 

MaryAnn Ruegger 

Steve Nicewanger

Advisory Board

Ben Asaykwee, Artistic Director

Will McCarty, Producer, Designer

Renae Stone, Founding Member


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​Our Mission: To produce and present original works by Indiana artists.


Our Philosophy: Q Artistry is collaboration of artists and professionals dedicated to enlightening, educating and entertaining through original productions, presentations and events. 


Q Artistry has a special interest in supporting the community

and creating opportunities for children and non-professionals

to participate in original works.


We Are Q Artistry

  • Cabaret Poe

  • To Have and To Hold

  • USO the Music of War

  • Perry Haughter and the Magical Musical

  • A Christmas Qarol Cabaret

  • Bunny Spectacular

  • Strike! A New Bowling Pin Musical at IndyFringe

  • The Qurikestra, at Super Bowl Village

  • Playwrights Festival

  • Teen Playwrights Festival

  • The Chronicles of Yarnia, A Rap Musical

  • Murder on the Radio, with Indianapolis Senior Center

  • Scary Mary, A Poppins Parody

  • Songs in the Key of Blues

  • BOT at IndyFringe

  • Grendel, with HalfBlack Productions

  • Yellow Wallpaper, with NoExit Performance

  • The Fowl

  • ZirkusGrimm

  • deSade at IndyFringe

  • Monster Concert

  • Bomb On A Bus

  • East Side Story

  • Altered, with Dr. Sally Wasmuth and Roudebush VA Health Services Research and Development

  • The Thirsty Tournment

  • Perry Haughter and the Magical Musical, 2014

  • The Donner Party Opera

  • Al in Boogie Wunderland

  • Prozac The Sad Elf

  • Attribute of the Strong, with Theater at the Fort

  • Triangle, with Young Actors Theatre