Elsie McNulty

East Side Story (Q Artistry's next QKID production opening on May 10th) features 12 young actors individually matched with 12 professional Indy actors in a mentoring style production process for a one act musical about friendship and discord on the east side of Indianapolis. The adult actors were asked to present the kid they're mentoring with 9 questions as part of our 9 QUESTIONS series and this is what happened:




9 Questions with Elsie McNulty,

asked by Jaddy Ciucci.

Jaddy Ciucci

1) Whereabouts Indianapolis do YOU live?

I live In Emerson Heights, but Irvington is right across the street...I can see it from my front porch. :)


2) What do you like most about your hood?

I like all the amazing people, the awesome really cool shops, the pretty trees, the historic buildings, the "haunted" houses, how pretty it is in fall, the farmers market at Ellenberger Park, Q Artistry, and of course, the Irvington Halloween Festival.


3) What first made you want to get up on stage and have a bunch of people looking at you?

My mom's friend saw something about Q Artistry's auditions for Perry Haughter, and I thought that it would be a fun, cool experience. It definitely was, so I kept doing it!


4) Do you have a random talent most people don't know about?
If so, what is it?!

I am really good at hide-and-seek because I am very small and can fit places nobody would think to look.


5) Do you like wild berry salad or something?

I suppose I do! I love salad, and the word, "wild" pops out to me.


6) What has been your favorite role you've played thus far in
your illustrious career?

My favorite role that I have played is Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I had a really fun time playing around with that role.


7) What do you like to do when you're not doing theatre?
Favorite pastime? Hobby?

I like to draw and paint with pastels and watercolors, I like to play around with random chords on the ukulele that I'm borrowing from my uncle, and I like to watch Doctor Who (a sci fi TV show)


8) Do you have any shows coming up after East Side Story?
Where can we see you next?

I will be in ZirkusGrimm at Q in July (with you!), and in the fall, I will be in Wisdom Tooth's The Bad Seed.


9) If you and I started our own band what would we call ourselves and what kind of music would we play?

We would call ourselves either Short Stack or Fun Size. We would play bluegrass.