1.  Do you subscribe to the theory that H H Holmes was
actually Jack the Ripper?

I don't - their methods were so intrinsically different. But people like to
look for exciting connections to make things make sense. It's fun...which
sounds weird when you think about what we're discussing.


2. Where are you from and why are you from there?  

Tell City, Indiana. Small town down south. I didn't realize I had
a choice in the matter.


3. If you could be from somewhere else, where would it be? 

I love TC. Great place to grow up. But...I mean Portland OR
is pretty awesome.


4. Holmes built a hotel with secret passages and tunnels and peep
holes and torture chambers. If someone told you that you could build
anything you wanted, what would it be?

Remember the old Swiss Family Robinson movie from the 60s?
I want that.  On a lake.


5.  If you had to name one play you think every person should see.

Angels in America. I love it so much. It's just so rich with words and ideas and the roles are so good and at the end Prior wishes us "more life" and I cry and I love it.


6. Indiana is turning 200 this year. What would you want to do to celebrate your 200th birthday?  

Go to space! God, I want to go to space so badly!


7.  What attracted you most to this role and to being involved in a Q Artistry show? 

Ben Asaykwee is a genius; there's no denying it. His creative drive is insane - I think he is secretly one of those vampires that doesn't sleep. We've been pals for several years, but haven't worked together much - then when we did Spamalot together a couple of years ago. Then we kind of recognized - "hey, our brains work very similarly--we should do something cool together." So last year, he asked me to do this. I can't believe we worked it out. There's something really magical about performing material that did not exist on a page prior to now - I love the artsy-fartsiness of it all. It's inspiring, maddeningly frustrating, and thrilling.


8.  You are known for your improvisational acting skills. Do you have a favorite or most influential improv actor?

I think I'm supposed to say Tina Fey or Amy Poehler, and they are, of course, huge forces in the art, but I'm going to say my ComedySportz friends. Both in Indianapolis and across the globe. Seriously. Brilliance in comedy does not just exist online or on SNL - it is here, in my circle, and I know the people creating it every day. And I get to play with them


9.  Where can we find you next? What are some of your upcoming projects?

I'll be singing with the Indianapolis Men's Chorus in their Spring concert in April, then opening Merry Wives of Windsor with IndyShakes/Wisdom Tooth as a merry wife in May. I also moved to Fountain Square during this rehearsal process, so I dream of someday hanging a picture on my wall or buying groceries.


10.  Chocolate, vanilla, or swirl?  

Swirl. Hands down.

Questions with Claire Wilcher

Claire Wilcher