Athan Christopher

East Side Story (Q Artistry's next QKID production opening on May 10th) features 12 young actors individually matched with 12 professional Indy actors in a mentoring style production process for a one act musical about friendship and discord on the east side of Indianapolis. The adult actors were asked to present the kid they're mentoring with 9 questions as part of our 9 QUESTIONS series and this is what happened:




9 Questions with

Athan Christopher,

asked by Ben Schuetz.

Ben Schuetz

1) What is your favorite noise?

Waves crashing on the shore.


2. Who is your spirit animal?



3) What is an influential book you have read?

Creating Innovators


4) If you could have any super power, what would it be?

To cause things to move with my mind.


5) What is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

Shooting at one of my baseball games.


6) Do you remember your dreams?  If yes, what is the craziest

dream you've had?

Sometimes, but I don't really remember any right now.


7) What inspired you to do this show?

Well, I have always been outgoing and wanted to try acting in a play.


8) What is your favorite actor?

Jim Carey


9) If you could open for any band, what would it be?

Imagine Dragons